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The only official Cambodian association for helping animals, CAPA's mission is the best-beeing of unhappy dogs and cats.

1er Juillet 2016 : Many Thanks !

​Merci à la fondation Brigitte Bardot, à la fondation 30 Millions d'Amis et à la Fondation Li-Za pour leur soutien précieux à CAPA ! Merci à toutes celles et ceux qui soutiennent CAPA. En ces temps difficiles, les donations sont les bienvenues et ce n'est que du bonheur en plus pour les protégés de Loan ! Près de 200 chiens et chats sont nourris, soignés et protégés par Loan chez elle. Et Loan prend également soin de plus d'une centaine de chats dans les pag...

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Sujet sur CAPA dans PNN News !

Reportage effectué en janvier 2016 par la TV PNN News :

You can help us !!

We would like to thank warmly all the people who have helped us those last months. We really need help to continue our work in Phnom Penh.


Each month, we need to find 2 000 $ to feed, treat, neuter etc... our animals plus starving street animals. Many of them need important veterinary cares, some are sick, injured or even disabled. We cannot let them in a poor state and giving them goor care in essential. This is possible with your help !!


Please be a Friend of CAPA ! CAPA's Friends are all the donators who support us with a regular (monthly) donation. If 400 people would accept to give us 5 £ each month, then we will not be anymore worried for our future.


You can subscribe to the regular donation with Paypal. Just click on the "Soutenez nous" button and "Faire un don via Paypal" (the rest is in english, don't worry).


You can also be a Friend of CAPA with a monthly bank wire on our cambodian or frenc bank acount. Just ask you bank to specify "Monthly donation¨.


Mainly of our dags and cats would be happier if they were adopted by a nice family. But remember that adopting an animal is a serious moral and financial responsability. If you want to adop a cat or a dog, we can help you.


Adults animals are great friends !!

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