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We have many dogs and cats who really need a family.


We spend 15 $ per month for every dog and every cat, it is a big amount of money as we take care of 200 dogs and cats every month.


Here a 3 dogs waiting to be adopted, waiting for you ! :



N°1                N°2  N°3               N°4


Picture N°1 - TRACEY : she likes a lot to be cuddled, all the time  !! She arrived at CAPA at 1 month old, now she's 2 years old and has been sterilized.


Picture N° 2 - MANGO (black dog) : he's 3 years old, he like to go for a stroll with the leash. H'e like to be with people but he doesn't like other dogs.


Picture N°3 - MINOU - she arrived at 4 months old at CAPA, very thick and sick. She's very sweet and has been sterilized.


Picture N°4 - BEIGE - Has been abandonned in front of CAPA's place at 2 months old. He's very sweet and is now 2 years old.




129 dogs + 17 cats are waiting for you...