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What to do if...



* You have found an animal :

call us immediatly (012 28 00 60). We'll tell you if you must bring him to our association or to another place. In this case, we can come to take the animal somewhere if necessary and if you cannot do it.



* You have lost your animal :

act immediatly. A dog usually don't go very far away if he is used to the place where he has been lost. But he also can go far away, be panicked then run without knowing where he goes. A cat might escape because he's afraid or because you're house suddenly become noisu. Cats love calm and high or hidden places. Then to have a good chance to find him, ask people if they saw it. Don't shout his name, call it softly. If you can't find him after 2 hours, print pictures of him and add you phone number of the posters, and stick them everywhere around the area he has been lost.    



* You know or saw someone who beats, ill-treats, abuses an animal :

call us immediatly (012 28 00 60). The animal is in danger, we want to help this little soul as soon as possible. If the animal is beaten, he came become agressive or timid. 



* You can't or you don't want keep any more your animal : 

call us to find a solution. Whatever the grounds, don't abandon him, don't give him if you are not sure that the new owner is a good person. It's much better to call us and bring the animal to our shelter.



* Your animal is sick or injured :

browse our page "first aid". If any answer corresponds at your problem, ask a vet. Don't try to care yourself if you are not sure of recognize symptoms.

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