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Adopt an animal ?


You are thinking about adopting a dog or a cat ? 

GOOD ! But.... 

if adoption gives a lot of happiness, it is a great responsability.



Never forget that animals are nor objects neither toys...


First of all, it is very important to be sure : why do you want adopt and what kind of animal (how old, which size...) ? 


When they are young, they can do something stupid. Will have you patience to educate them ?


They live several years, they are adult early, they don't stay kitten or puppy. With ageing,their health can become delicate. They will need care, etc.


Dogs and cats need different things. Some can live in a flat, others need a garden. Some like children, others need exclusiveness. Some are independant, other need company, etc.


If you are sure, contact us by e-mail ( or by phone (012 28 00 60). We'll meet you quickly and present animals corresponding to your expectation.


All animals are vaccinated and treated agains parasites. We'll give you advice.


If you want a dog, come with collar and lead. If you want a cat, come with a basket.


We will ask you a small donation if you adopt an animal, because we sterilize them, vaccinate them, and your donation will help us to finance all that proper cares we give to animals. But we don't sell animals !!!!


Remember : NEVER buy any animals. Buy animals maintains trafficking (look our page "why, why not? ").


You can help animals which are waiting for adoption : support our association, look at this website, tell your friends about us.


Together, we can help them. They deserve our love, respect, attention.